On visiting the dark side…..

8 02 2013

I think I recently mentioned that a couple of years ago, I was bitten by a tick which made me really sick.  We get lots of ticks here.  I’ve discovered there are some 75 species of ticks in Queensland.  We’ve lost two kid goats to ticks.  As a teenager, I lost a dog to the darn things, and I’ve been bitten many times, a nuisance, but no big deal.  Normally.

This one was different.  To begin with, when it bit me (in the armpit) it felt like someone stuck a knife in me!  Not kidding, I almost fainted from the pain….  I pulled it out, as I’ve done many many times before, but two days later I got this fever the likes of which I’ve never experienced before….  Hot and cold sweats, 40 degree temperature, and worst of all…..  rigors.  I’d never even heard of rigors except that my better half Glenda, a trained nurse, had seen them before in hospitals (which is where I should’ve been!), and by the third day of this she was starting to get really really concerned.  When I finally saw the doctor, she said I was the sickest person she’d seen all year…….

To cut to the chase, I’ve been suffering from Chronic Fatigue ever since.  Coincidence?  Nobody knows….  I often have to sleep, at the drop of a hat, in the middle of the day.  It even happened to me once while driving, I just had to pull over for a nap before resuming the drive home……  Twice now, it’s also happened when we’ve visited friends for lunch…  they must be beginning to think I find them boring! I can’t work for more than one hour at a stretch, and even then I have to pace myself, before I feel the need for a good lie down…  To say it’s inconvenient is a total understatement!

I’ve had so many tests, I must be bringing the medical system down….  Glenda even insisted I get a second opinion, which only resulted in confirmation that medicos have no idea what’s affecting me, all the tests say there is nothing wrong with me at all.  Two days ago, we had another crack at getting to the bottom of this, I had a sleep study done.

That must rank as one of the most interesting things I’ve ever experienced…!  They wire you sleepstudyup with science fiction like looms of sensors all over the head (like the bloke at right, (not me by the way..) the chest, the legs, a canula in the nose to measure airflow and another gizmo also in the nose to measure airspeed, plus a fingertip sensor for the heart rate, and I’ve almost certainly left something out.  Then you’re supposed to sleep like that…  while they monitor your brain waves, what sleeping position you’re in, whether you are breathing or not (to detect sleep apnea), etc etc…..

Surprisingly, I slept OK….  not as well as I normally do at home, but OK.  Thankfully I didn’t have to make a trip to the loo with all that stuff hanging off me, even though it is designed to allow you to.  They wake you up at 5AM (which is when I usually wake up anyway), de-wire you and send you home.  They shut up shop by 6AM…

To do this, I had to drive an hour and a half to Caboolture, so at 5:30AM I opted for the unthinkable…  breakfast at McDonald’s to keep me going until I got home, and a coffee to keep me awake!  In my defence, it was right around the corner from where I’d spent the night….

It was as I was going through that experience that I decided to write this entry……  I tell you, the world is screwed…  to begin with, there was the totally and utterly inane breakfast radio show over the loudspeaker system (people actually listen to this crap..?).  As I tuned out, I picked up a copy of the Weekend Australian which, as I had been warned by a friend before (I never read newspapers) was just as bad as the radio.

Never in my life had I read so much biased “reporting”….  every page attacking the government with no balance the other way at all, attacking the ABC for climate alarmism (when all the ABC did was report what climate scientists were saying – and which I’d heard the day before on the radio as I drove down), attacking the Greens (by now nothing was unexpected) and generally spraying misinformation all over its pages.  It gave the current sport drug fiasco four pages of coverage no less…….  as if anyone’s surprised or thinks it’s that important an issue….

I stuffed my breakfast down, picked up my coffee and took it to the car to finish, I truly felt like I’d just had a dark side experience and couldn’t wait to get home…  I’m utterly convinced now that there’s no chance of avoiding collapse when the dark side lives like that.




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9 02 2013

I have come to this same conclusion without having being bitten by a tick. It is very grim.

11 02 2013

The “Daily Terror” (aka in some circles as the Daily Telegraph) is worse. Most media is just complete bollocks. I simply turn off or tune out when my bullshit detector can’t take any more.

12 02 2013

Have you thought of lyme disease? My wife is a doctor and she told me that there is a mindset among medical professionals that in OZ, lyme disease does not exist. It does though… She also told me that it may be necessary to send a blood test to the US as in OZ no one does the test.


12 02 2013

I’ve been tested for it……. negative.

13 02 2013

ah.. damn. I was hoping to offer you one more avenue to pursue.. hope you get over it anyway. I am following your blog for quite a while now, keep it up :). Kunstler had a similar experience – for him it turned out to be heavy metal poisoning from a hip implant or something.

Cheers, Matt

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