It’s still raining…..

26 01 2013

No actually, it isn’t still raining…..  it stopped raining yesterday; today it’s pissing down…! The driven rain is incessant, the wind’s kept me awake nearly all night, and the news on the internet this morning are not good….  it’s going to get worse..Image

This ex-cyclone Oswald might as well be the real thing.  We’ve had tornadoes up North (TORNADOES…??  This is Australia for Pete’s sake, not Kansas…) and more are predicted for this area though I expect they will be confined to the coast like they were in Bundaberg, where one of my nieces happens to live….  I hope she and her daughter are OK.

Near Gladstone in central Queensland, 400 homes have been evacuated ahead of unprecedented flooding in the area.

There has been tornado activity in the Hervey Bay and Bundaberg regions today, after at least five tornadoes caused widespread destruction in the Wide Bay yesterday.

More tornadoes are expected south to the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane today.

A storm surge is also threatening to cause flooding in the Moreton Bay region.

Some of these places have reportedly received over 1000mm of rain in 48 hours!  That’s the entire year’s worth in most places…..  and if you’re not metric, it’s three feet….

The ground here has gone from tortured and cracked to quagmire, in just four days.  Go outside now, and an inch of water is flowing down the hill on top of the dead grass.  Six Mile Creek, the one that cuts us off from civilisation in a big wet, is fast approaching the moderate flooding level, and it’s only a matter of a couple of hours before we’re flooded in.  I’m not exactly sure if the ducks are enjoying this weather, but at least they seem to be coping.  The chooks are hiding.  At least it’s reassuring to have the AGA lit again, perfect weather for it, and it keeps the water hot, which is just as well because let me tell you, it is so dark, the panels are flat out running at 5% of capacity in the middle of the day.  I’ve never seen it this dark in daylight hours….  and the power is constantly going on and off, thank goodness for the backup batteries.  It’s moments like these I really wish I also had a wind turbine, because whilst one would not be of much use most of the time, right now it could completely replace the solar energy we are not getting.

Never in a million years would I have thought the ground could regain full saturation and then runoff capacity this fast after basically 6 months of no rain at all….

Just back from a quick drive “downtown” to get a loaf of bread and a litre of milk…  it’s normally a 2km joyride, but today the main road’s cut, and a tree was across the detour, which a couple of other residents and I moved so we could all get on with whatever it is we were doing.  Further down the road, a fire truck was parked across a side street because a large tree had fallen over power lines which were strewn all over the road.  The local shop was crowded with more people stocking up (some buying ice, obviously expecting power cuts).  Our little bridge down the road is just starting to get submerged, we won’t be out of here for a few days I’d hazard to say….

Just measured another 195mm from the rain gauge in under 24 hours for a grand total of 377mm since the rain started a few days ago… and we could easily get that much again because Oswald is not exactly moving fast…

Now, to those people who still deny climate change….  which part of EXTREME WEATHER don’t you understand?