Vale Andrew Wilford

23 08 2012

Found out this morning that Andrew Wilford passed away recently, aged 48.  It’s not like I knew him well or headshot of Wilfanything, but having listened to him speak a couple of times you can’t help loving the guy….  big smile, humour to boot, and a real champion of sustainability.

He loved, as he liked to put it, ‘perturbing the growth monster’, a bit like me only much better at communicating.

His passing is a great loss for the Earth which needs all the champions it can get its claws on.  And dying at 48 is a real bastard…… life can be so unfair sometimes.  The only tribute I can pass on through this medium is this wonderful TED presentations made in Brisbane recently.  He now lives on thanks to the internet….




5 responses

23 08 2012

Great video. Seems like a great guy. It’s really sad that people of this nature have to pass away so young. RIP Andrew.

24 08 2012

RIP Wilf – so sad to see you leave Starship Earth so soon

25 08 2012

This is my Dad. Legit. I typed his name in Google to find out what other stuff he had done that I didn’t know about. Wilf was a great man, and he inspired many. I’ve very proud of him. Also, give this a watch. This was filmed late last year in Queen Street Mall, for the Post Growth Institute’s ‘Free Money Day’.


25 08 2012

Hello Panda….. I certainly can’t express how sorry I am for your loss. You have every right to be very proud of Wilf, I only wish I’d had the opportunity to be his friend….. We could have had a lot to discuss over a beer.

And thanks for the update, I’m sure visitors here will check it out.


29 08 2012

RIP Andrew “Wilf” Wilford, very sad news for his sustainability friends 😦 Panda, your Dad was a fantastic human being, his legacy will continue.

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