David Icke: Conspiracy theories revisited

16 07 2012

I recently wrote a post about the crap people say regarding the Club of Rome, which ended with “Sometimes, I have to say, I feel like giving up…..  why is it that whenever any truth becomes inconvenient, it has to become a conspiracy?http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTe-pgMjYRNns3jtStOKgaJwifAonA4FSrV9eyNUShFt0DWik3qabUfGHSO

Then, an English lady called Anna visited this blog and left me a message  (in the “About” section of this blog) enticing me to google David Icke who turns out to be a conspiracy theorist…..  In the process of researching him, I found this video (which I stopped half way through – by all means watch it, but I’m only slightly impressed with it).  Icke has some things to say that I totally agree with.  The state of affairs regarding elections is spot on, I sort of glossed over this in my last post.  But when he started going on about one world government and currency…… my eyes literally glazed over; because Peak Oil and Limits to Growth will put paid to those ideas…!  Further research then revealed Icke doesn’t believe in Limits to Growth at all, and in fact produced a film called “Peak Oil, Economic Collapse are a fraud”.   It’s even more boring than watching paint dry, mostly still images with a soundtrack of running water and thunderstorms…. the main theme is the legalisation of hemp, which he must believe could replace oil for the production of plastics and fuels and energy.  Well it might if there were only 50 million humans on the planet!  He has his own youtube channel which you may want to check out for yourself…….

One thing I found really amusing was in one of the clips he takes us for a tour of his flat, where he keeps a store of incandescent light bulbs because he (rightly so) has it in for CFL’s.  Of course incandescents don’t last that long, and regardless of how many he has stocked, one day he WILL run out….  just like the oil!!

Some visionary……..

I don’t doubt that the Illuminati are either planning or wanting to take over the world and that they sort of operate as a secret society, but they don’t understand physics, and they haven’t planned for collapse.  And after seeing what’s happening with the Euro, how can anyone believe in a world currency….?  He can’t be serious?  Unfortunately, he is.

If you can stand it (and I couldn’t!), there is a 2 1/2 hour movie on youtube called David Icke Debunked.  Some of what Icke believes is just……..  how shall I put it?  Laughable??  Like the Archangel Michael is the reason the Earth and the Moon haven’t collided…?  Has he never heard of Isaac Newton?

Anyhow, sorry Anna, Icke is colourful to say the least, but I won’t listen to these people who believe in mumbo jumbo.  Not even if we agree that two party political systems really suck!




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17 07 2012

Yep, Icke doesn’t pass basic rationality tests. There are better original thinkers and commentators to tap into. John Michael Greer of the archdruid report comes to mind http://thearchdruidreport.blogspot.com/ . Of course you’re Peak Oil aware, so you probably already know about Jim Kunstler and Richard Heinberg.

17 07 2012

I’ve actually had the pleasure of having dinner with Richard Heinberg and David Holmgren when they did a combined tour of Australia quite a few years ago now…. and if you look at the list of links in the side bar you’ll see Heinberg and Kunstler there.. but you’re right I need to also add the Archdruid… he’s an amazing writer to boot!

23 07 2012
Jac de Villiers

David Icke is in my humble opinion a muppet! Like you said Mike, the stories he comes up with are a joke. Conspiracy theory at its best. I saw a video a while back where he talks about lizard men running world politics and the reasons for pushing a new world order…. I cant take David Icke seriously!

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