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10 07 2012



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11 07 2012

Media like this makes me hate all my friends, relatives, employers, and acquaintances who, not only aren’t willing to take drastic action, they’re not even willing to minorly reduce their impact or even talk about the problem. I see no reason for optimism. I tried for 15+ years to wake people I knew up and witnessed no interest in even the basics – recycling and turning off lights, not to mention the radicial – downsizing, opting-out, walking, fighting, etc.

I’m left with just the dumb hope that the scientists are wrong.

11 07 2012

I have also tried to discuss the problem of global warming with family, friends and aquaintances and have found that the reaction from those people to being told that we all need to change our lifestyles has become increasingly violent (not physically). Not everyone responds in this fashion but those who do understand seem so few and are so scatered. As a result I have become more despondent about the future.
I have children who to a certain extent understand the problem and since I believe that the human race has some value I can’t fall back on the comfort of ” since I’m well on in years I’ll be dead before it gets really bad”. I don’t think the scientists are wrong and will still keep trying though. What else can one do?

23 07 2012
Jac de Villiers

Im in my late 20’s and im very pessimistic about the future…I have tried numerous time to explain to people about the environmental issues that we will face in the next few years but people my age are more concerned about getting a new car, cell phone and the next rugby match. Buying unnecessary stuff to keep up with our greedy materialistic society is the norm for most people. I have lost hope…as im yet to meet people around my age that understand the worlds true problems not the brainwashing corporate media..

24 07 2012
Greg Bell

Hi Jac – I think you’re correct. Which is depressing. But that’s also good news because you’re taking in accurate information and doing rational analysis on that information. That’s the best you can do. So what’s next for you? You have some choices. Eat, drink, try to forget and be merry? Plan to take care of yourself and your family and forget about everybody else? Make more noise in an attempt to wake everybody else up?

You’re simply at a stage and a good grasp of reality is a fine base for choosing your next steps.

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