Cap ‘too costly’?

24 06 2012

The article below appeared in our Noosa News paper on Friday (June 22)……

NEW Mayor Mark Jamieson has told a Cooroy high school audience that he will not be putting up the no vacancy sign on the fourth largest council in Australia by adopting Noosa’s much-debated population cap across the Sunshine Coast region.

Cr Jamieson, speaking on Tuesday to the school’s Year 11 Australian Business Week budding entrepreneurs, said that the path to such an artificial limitation could make it impossible for working-class people to live locally.

The mayor, who was elected on April 28, was asked about possibly adopting the former Noosa Shire’s development control lead.

“The fact of the matter is it’s pretty difficult to do,” he said.

Mark, did you not hear “Life wasn’t meant to be easy”?  What on Earth made you think being Mayor was easy anyway?  The article prompted me to write the following letter to the Editor, which, considering my good run at being published there, I’m hopeful will be published too.

Letter to the Editor:

It is unbelievably demoralising to discover our new Mayor Mark Jamieson has seemingly no idea of what is going in the world today.  In 1972, a group of scientists got together to study the effects of growth on civilisation; they eventually became known as the Club of Rome.  They modelled nine different scenarios of possible outcomes by varying the rates of growth in industrial output, use of non renewable resources, pollution, food per capita, and so on.

In every single case, even where some population growth control was used, they discovered that within a period of roughly one hundred years, civilisation would collapse.  They were, of course, universally discredited by the pro growth crowd with vested interest in this growth, even making claims of things that were never written in the Limits to Growth Report that was the eventual outcome of their study.  We are now forty percent of the way into the Club of Rome’s century; what has been done about it?  Absolutely nothing!

Recently, an Australian scientist with a PhD in Physics, Dr Graham Turner revisited the numbers and came to the conclusion that humanity is bang on target to reproduce the Club of Rome’s “Standard Run”, so closely in fact, the mind boggles.  The scariest part of this “Standard Run” is that population begins to collapse by around 2030…… just let that sink in for a moment, because it is just eighteen years away.

We have managed our economy fairly well by world standards, but that is now threatened by unnecessarily imposing on ourselves the impossible burden of delivering the infrastructure and protecting the environment for a population growing (exponentially) at nearly two per cent.  Two percent may not seem like much, but it’s a doubling every thirty five years.
A two per cent population increase doubles the infrastructure requirement – two per cent a year to replace major infrastructure that wears out at an average of fifty years and two per cent more to cater for the extra population.  People complaining may say they are complaining about government failure to deliver services – but the underlying cause should be more obvious: it’s the population, stupid!
I’ll keep you posted…!



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