Are we there yet?

21 12 2011

This video came to me from The Post Carbon Institute.  If you have friends who are not convinced regarding the implications of Peak Oil and Peak Everything, then show them this.  Share it widely….



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5 02 2012

This is pure propaganda. Another Liberal statement. Things that are not mentioned in the Video are things like life expectancy in the early 1900’s. What was this brought by? Hmm, I wonder if it could have something to do with people working themselves to death? It also fails to mention that there is more oil on the market now than ever before, We have more cars, produce more electricity than ever before. This trend will continue. Now lets talk about dependency on oil.

Being dependent on anything is a scam.-PERIOD- the only people that make anyone dependent on anything is the government and the suppliers. We are forced to wired into the electric company, we are forced to buy fuel from the makers of the fuel. They have caused the addiction, just is a drug dealer does. We are not allowed to produce fresh water out of sea water, yet people hear all of the time about the lack of fresh water in places that it can be done very cheaply and very easily. Where do you think ships get their fresh water from?

Government always want to blame the users. And make trillions off of the suppliers, and yes this includes the drug producers and the oil companies, but yet the users pay for all of it.

Peak oil only exist because Governments regulate it, just like they do everything else you need for survival. And they blame the consumer for using it.

Do you even know the cheapest transportation? The cheapest way to produce energy, that changes year after year? You can convert them to anything. Who is building a diesel electric car? Uh, no one, but yet we wait for trains to pass by that have been using it for almost 100 years…Diesel can run on the cheapest fuel available and can be converted easily to run on nearly anything.

They can run on natural gas, methanol, hydrogen, and the list goes on.
Why are they not building them? After all even coal can be converted to Natural Gas easily now. Why is this not being used?

People do not think. They just complain, because they have figured out in their lifetime on what they have been told “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”. In this case the grease is money.

Now have people ever thought of building a car like a locomotive. No transmission, just a diesel that powers a generator to produce electricity to power a motor, and yes, it could even power your home. A few of these would be able to power a whole community.

Maybe you are going to say “I have a generator in my back yard that runs my home in case I loose power, and it comes on, but it is expensive to run”.
You need to think about this, maybe you don’t know that in Pennsylvania in the United States, that at one time everyone had a gas well in their yard to heat the house. They have problems with the gas seeping out of the ground now. The biggest expense of natural gas is paying for the transportation of it.

You see the highways falling apart, but yet fail to see the pipelines doing the same. It is almost unbelievable on how the cost of Natural Gas would drop buy using modern techniques. It is also unbelievable on how much you could save in products that are shipped to market, if just the trucks were converted to Diesel Electric. (This is not a hybrid I am talking about, this is diesel electric).

The difference is that a diesel powers a generator, and the generator outputs electric to the motor that powers the vehicle. A hybrid uses the engine to power the vehicle in a rather complected way. The engine and the drive train are one so when there is not enough charge in the battery bank the engine powers the car and not the electric motor. The engine also charges the batteries, when it is running.

This is a poor way to power a vehicle, because believe if or not a lot of the energy is lost, the maintenance on the vehicle is super expensive, not to mention the cost of the batteries. Also, the pollution factor is a whole lot more just because of the disposal of the batteries, than driving a conventional automobile.

I think the car companies need to look at this. I am willing to bet you that they could produce a compact car using a diesel electric drive that would get over 100 miles per gallon of fuel easily, but of course they have to satisfy the oil companies, so I guess we will never see it.

See the government is the problem. They like to keep their small circle of friends. They will wine and complain, but they are the problem. They will put out propaganda to convince you that everything is falling apart, because their is more money in failure than success. Why do you think they hopped right in to bail out the banks, the car companies, etc…?

Just think if the right person got a hold of one of the car companies? Lets say a Natural Gas company. What would they do? What would happen if one of the banks failed and the new owner found out that they where the biggest investors in the oil industry? Look what happens to a small oil rich country when they try to convert from buying oil from the U.S, Dollar to another currency? Can you say “Iraq”?

Now I have told you this, and I can tell you now that you think I am a loon, I can prove it all to you. It is very simple. When you see a train parked somewhere, look on any rail car. You will see very quickly on how it is all connected. To be specific you will see writing for the most part that is like this:
This rail car is owned by a bank or some kind of financial institution.

Have you ever wondered why nearly every train in the world is some how subsidized by a government? Think of this, it is called control. See you don’t believe it because the propaganda machine is running at full capacity. It is not our fault we are addicted to oil and the drug industry. It is the governments plain and simple.

For people that don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. See, even look at prohibition and Henry Ford. You need to find out why it is illegal to grow hemp in the United States also. The answers exist and are very public but no one looks for them, and the few people that have figured it out are called “conspiracy nuts”.

Look at the parallels in the time lines. To give you a little info, Henry Ford had a switch in his vehicles to run on Alcohol until prohibition. Look at the connection timeline between the cotton industry and hemp. Hopefully I will convince one of you.

30 04 2015
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