We’ve got bees!

4 08 2011

Sometimes, things are just meant to happen…….  My dear other half, looking for a billy goat to impregnate our doe instead found 11 bee hives, complete with all the paraphernalia required for beekeeping just 100 km or so from here, and the price was right, if a bit more than we could afford.  I’ve always wanted bees.  Honey is far less bad for you than sugar, and it’s expensive to buy (like hives are cheap..!) and with the global semi collapse of bee numbers, it’s a good idea to do your bit kind of thing.

Having recently joined a group of bee enthusiasts, you could say we had connections.  So we asked another local couple who also wanted to keep bees if they’d like to go halves, and the rest is history as they say.  The elder who started the (Mary) Valley Bees is a well known beekeeping “guru” called Athol, and he and his son Glenbo offered to come with us to Maryborough to check them out for health and quality etc.  And boy were they impressed….  We struck a deal with John the seller, and all we needed to do was organise the collection, not a mean feat in itself….  Luckily, the other couple own a 4WD ute that will carry a fair bit of stuff.  So on a nice sunny winter morning, we all took off early for the 100km drive, to find John had a you beaut BBQ on an open fire going….

It had previously been agreed that we would extract all the honey (less enough to keep the bees happy during what’s left of winter) and to our amazement harvested 75kg of the sweet sticky nectar….  and yummy too!

Apparently, we’ll be able to split the hives in September, turning four hives into eight…  The rest of the hives that are yet to be picked up will be set up near a Macadamia farm, and two of them have been sold to another Valley Bee member…

Next thing we’ll have to organise are containers to sell our excess honey in, and make some mead…..  Ah life’s a bitch on the farm…!




2 responses

17 08 2011
Travel the World

How does one get started in this sort of thing? Do you read a book about beekeeping? And how much work is it? And (sorry for multiple questions), how do the bees live through the winter in these boxes?

22 09 2011

M I K E . . .

Hey hey, good article!

As the Son Of A Beekeeper, I’m most impressed!

Keep up the good work…


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