Abundance at last

1 09 2009


img_4683Boy it’s busy around here…. my excuse for the rare posts. Since getting zone 1 under control, our goats finally kidded. We were starting to think this pregnancy thing was all for attention getting… and it was working! Pushka, our bigger goat and dominant bully, gave birth to a singleton at the beginning of August, and Shovelinka, twins five days later. To say kid goats are cute is an understatement, and unlike puppy dogs they don’t bark and they don’t chew your shoes!

Milking the nannies is proving to be a bit harder than I had anticipated though… I guess you could say we’re less than totally ready for this, like lack of an adequate milking station. First thing in the morning, I take the goats’ favorite meal of copra mixed with kelp and other added minerals. I tie them one at a time to the fence with their breakfast at a handy height and hobble their hind leg to stop them kicking, putting their hooves in my bucket, and largely making total ass****s of themselves! We all need training here, and after three days, I have the grand total of 250 mL of milk to show for my efforts….. I’m told perseverance is the name of the game, so I will persevere. At least, the milk is utterly delicious!

Soon we’ll also have ducks coming out our ears. Two clutches hatched about a month ago, and there are currently another three ducks sitting on eggs…. I can already taste a great Christmas!

This is all in the face of a mini drought too. In May, we were flooded out twice in ten days, and then the taps were turned off. Literally no rain since, the excuse for “rain” that arrived yesterday didn’t even touch the sides of the rain gauge. More coming tomorrow they tell us. We’ll see. They’re also predicting a wet start to Spring, and I won’t complain, watering everything by hand because you have to gets a little tiresome after a while….. And we’ve just gone through a heat wave too. Anyone who believes that climate change is a hoax and the planet’s cooling should have been here for the last couple of weeks. Winter is only officially over today, but the past two weeks have seen temperatures as high as 15 degrees above average (that’s around 30 degrees Farenheit for you yanks reading this!). The weather changed so dramatically with yesterday’s attempt at rain, that it was warmer at midnight than midday. Go figure. Summer’s got me really concerned now…. I hate the heat.

Any semblance of routine has gone straight out the window lately. Glenda’s 85 year old Mum fainted with a dicky heart two and a half months ago, cracking a neck vertebrae and breaking her hip. Nine weeks later, and a hip replacement followed by a pace maker, she’s back home, but Glenda’s busy looking after her constantly, and it’s getting lonely here on the farm all alone! Ah well, shit happens. At least I don’t have time to get bored, been making beer and marmalade, and twice a week I kill a chook. On my own, I’d have no difficulty living here for months without ever having to buy food.


The next day…… I had to add this, at last some success…! Managed to squeeze 600 mL of milk out my goats at one sitting this morning! I know it’s still pathetic, but at least I’m proving to myself that perseverance works. I’ll be making cheese before I know it!!




One response

1 09 2009

Wow….Love the kids. They are cute. I wonder how hot the summer could be if winter is so uncharacteristically hot. Crazy times.

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